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by James

Looking for an experienced online organic chemistry tutor? Master Organic Chemistry recommends Matt Pierce, Anna Tsimelzon, and Jason Dinsmore 

Matt Pierce [Eastern Time Zone]

Matt-PierceTeaching organic chemistry has been a passion of mine for the past six years. I’m a full time independent chemistry tutor, both worldwide via Skype and locally in Western Massachusetts. I have an M.S. in computational organic chemistry from Oregon State University and I’m an alumnus of UMass Amherst. I’m a published author with over six years of teaching and tutoring experience. Organic chemistry is unique in the way that first principles build on each other throughout the course. I am an expert at breaking chemistry down into fundamental concepts so that students I work with can spend less time memorizing, and more time understanding. Nobody can make organic chemistry “easy” or provide a magic bullet to get you an “A” but I can equip you with the tools to make it possible. I’ve helped hundreds of students over the years. Here are a couple of nice things people have written about me:

Last week a student who just completed a very challenging, competitively scaled Organic II class texted this to me: “Hey man, just wanted to let you know I pulled off an B+ in o-chem. I owe it all to you. I couldn’t have done it without you. You are an amazing teacher. I’ll recommend you to all my friends.”

A review a student wrote for me on a tutoring website: “In the past I have had several chemistry tutors but none have helped me as much as Matthew did. He knew all the material on the spot and taught the way a teacher would. He broke down the problems into a manageable way therefore understanding the concept was enjoyable and not strictly memorization.”

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My website includes more information about me and also offers some free tutorials on organic chemistry:

Anna Tsimelzon  [Pacific Time Zone]
For many students organic chemistry is what stands between them and a dream career in health care. I would like to be the person who helps them to open that door. I see my role as provider of the missing ingredients from the educational experience. For some students the lecture or the book simply does not make sense. I will explain the concept in as many different ways as needed until the student gets it. For some students more practice problems are needed. I am happy to provide extra practice problems and guide the student through a solution.
I obtained my Ph.D. in organic chemistry from UCSC in 2005. Since then I worked as a research scientist in a few startups in Bay Area, CA, before switching to teaching. In addition to tutoring, I teach organic chemistry at San Francisco State University on part-time basis.

I offer tutoring in organic chemistry online (Skype, Facetime, Google hangouts) or in-person, if you are local to Bay Area, CA.

A review from one of my many happy students: “Anna is passionate, knowledgeable and driven for OCHEM. She saw my weaknesses and grilled me until I had the material down. She was prepared, she knew the material and most important she was able to teach it in a way that I was able to understand it. With her help I went from failing to passing OCHEM.” Lohan C.

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Jason Dinsmore [Eastern Time Zone]

Organic chemistry has a reputation of being a class that destroys student’s hopes and dreams. It is a course that is interwoven into many fields of science and medicine; therefore, many students have to take the class due to college requirements and not out of choice. Since I began teaching in 1998, I have made it my mission to find a way to teach organic chemistry that not only simplifies the subject matter, but hopefully brings new life into this material.

My intention is to provide the highest quality of education on your schedule. I understand that students these days are swamped with many academic and extracurricular activities. Therefore, I want to make sure that you have every opportunity to maximize your potential.

Jason is an amazing person and teacher. He thoroughly explains the concept and will not stop until he is sure that the student fully comprehends it. His flexibility and availability is a great resource as it allowed me to frequently contact him at my convenience. I wish that there were people like him who freely give of themselves to help students succeed and achieve their dreams.” – Jason L. 

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