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What To Expect In Organic Chemistry 2

A large part of organic chemistry 1 is devoted to laying the foundations: introducing structural concepts such as bonding, geometry, stereochemistry, conformations, resonance, and steric

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A Hybridization Shortcut

Here’s a shortcut for figuring out the hybridization of an atom in a molecule. This will save you a lot of time. –BEGIN SHORTCUT– Here’s

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Introduction To Aromaticity

In this post we introduce “aromaticity”, a term for describing a collection of three [note] main properties that distinguish benzene from (hypothetical) cyclohexatriene. Extremely large

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Rules For Aromaticity

In the last post we introduced the concept of aromaticity, a property of some unusually stable organic molecules such as benzene. Although some aromatic molecules are

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What does 4n+2 mean?

The other night a student came to me with a question about aromaticity. “There’s one thing I don’t get”, she said. “They say a molecule

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What are the key factors that determine whether a molecule is antiaromatic? In our previous posts in our series on aromaticity [intro to aromaticity], [rules

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Frost Circles

We’ve spent a lot of time in previous posts “building up” and drawing out the molecular orbitals for various species. In this post we’ll learn

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