Summary Sheets

by James

These are free sample PDFs to download, although not to modify.

Summary Sheet – Reactions of Alkenes
Summary Sheet – SN1 vs. SN2 Reactions
Summary Sheet – Introduction to Nomenclature
Summary Sheet – The Oxidation Ladder
Summary Sheet – Additions to Carbonyls

Summary Sheet – Reactions of Carbonyls – The Big Picture
Summary Sheet – 21 Carbonyl Chemistry Mechanisms On One Page

 For more summary sheets that aren’t on this blog, check out the Products  page – get 20 lovingly crafted summary sheets for Org 1 on Substitution/Elimination, Stereochemistry, Conformations, Resonance, Acids and Bases, and many more. Guaranteed to be awesome and save you time studying.  


There are also summary sheets for Org 2 – 13 sheets on the Diels Alder, Alcohols, Aromaticity, Reactions of Aromatic Compounds, Aldehydes/Ketones, Carboxylic Acid Derivatives, Carbohydrates, Amines, and more. A beautiful, concise, and useful set of study notes for Organic Chemistry 2. 



Mohamed Rabea

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your efforts .


great effort


Thank you so much for this website and the time you put in to these resources.


I’m very happy you find it useful Sophie.


As a mature student who is trying to run her own business while taking orgo 1 and being 6 years out of her first undergrad, I was contemplating dropping the course this evening. Then I typed in “Orgo Hacks” and found this gift from the Divine. I am going to do well in this course, come hell or high water, and you just showed me the way. I am so grateful.


Hi Ashley!

I love it!! GO GET EM!!! I am encouraged by your note, because I’m 50 taking this O-Chem II. I love it and have a teacher who is not so sure of the chem herself, making it all that much more challenging. But I found this site and and bought the reagent guide. James is awesome and so I feel I can do it now!!! Good luck to you and feel free to write me if you feel like it – Why are you taking it? Me? I’m thinking of applying to med school if the divine will supply the funding!! I’m hopeful!!! and working hard. Good luck!!!! :o)


thanks sooo much for your outlines!!!!! super helpful!!!!


Very glad you’re finding these useful Nadine. Let me know what else you might like to see.


I don’t know how much I can say thank you..
Actually I am taking organic chemistry three times, and i hope it is my last attempt to pass orchem..
I found this website while I was solving online homework’s, and your summary sheets were great..
I feel like i will be confident for next exam..
Thank you so much again..;)


I hope you’re successful. You’re not alone, I’ve met several people who”ve had to take it multiple times. Let me know how it goes.


Hi James!
Do you have a summary sheet for SN2/E2-SN1/E1 reactions?


I do! but you have to join the mailing list to get it :-)


Thank you so much for putting these together, they are an easy way to clarify all the reactions and see them at once before the exam. I hate that I didn’t find your site earlier in the semester.


Yo, you rock!


You rock! I wish I had these materials when I was studying Orgo. I was making my own summaries similar to yours but mine obviously didn’t turn out as grand and logical as yours. They will still come handy revieiwng for MCAT. Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for putting the time and effort into making these. I had made a bunch earlier in the semester that were heavily disorganized. Wish I found these sooner! Thanks so much :)


Nice effort to help people of chemistry Thank you


Thanks, I am glad you find them helpful.


Thank you so much for your contribution! I’m preparing for my engineering entrances next year and Organic is about 40% of the Chem paper. Everything is so muddled sometimes but these sheets are so clear.. Thank youuuuuuuu so much again!
It’s made my day! And hopefully year!! :)


Thank you for your effort!


The best resource ever. I feel like having a bonfire with my orgo book because it is totally useless compared to this website.
thank youuuuuuuu


I don’t recommend burning your textbook!!!! :-)


I took two semesters of Organic Chem in pharmacy school, and my professor couldn’t even come close to being this helpful. Thanks so much!


Thanks! Glad you find it helpful!


This is really helpful for me! I am in my senior year majoring chem, and never really understood the organic chems until I read all of this. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)


glad you find it helpful Jane!

Monday Uneke

I love this site so much.


you’re a G!

Munirah Athirah

May God bless you for all of your effort doing this. Thank you, sir.


thank you very much!!


Thank you so much for putting this up for public use. My final is this afternoon and you probably saved me from failing because I did not understand any of the reaction mechanisms. Your reaction of alkenes summary sheet probably saved my grade.


Thanks for the clear and detail explanation of all of these organic concepts. It’s so crystal clear when you explain the pKa, and I have been struggling to even understand how organic is based on acid-base reaction. I feel like I got a better grasp now. I will be returning to your site more often to sharpen up my organic chem. Thanks you so much for this site!

James Ashenhurst

Glad you found it useful!

Ramolefo elias natsobane

You rock guys!

Monika Kulak

Does the Orgo II study sheet touch on Birch reductions?

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