Reduction of aromatic ketones to alkanes with Pd/C and hydrogen

by James

Description: When treated with a metal catalyst such as palladium (Pd) or platinum (Pt) and hydrogen gas (H2) ketones next to aromatic groups are converted into alkanes.

Notes: This does not work for ketones that are not adjacent to aromatic groups.


Notes: Note that the fourth example has a non-aromatic ketone. These are not reduced to alkanes.

Mechanism: For the purposes of Org 1/ Org 2 the mechanism of this reaction is not that important. For more information on the reaction, consult “Advanced Organic Chemistry” by Smith and March.


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now, how can i get an alkane from an aldehyde???



You could reduce it to the alcohol, convert to an alkyl halide and then convert to a Grignard followed by acid treatment.


Rajarshi Banerjee

Or we could just perform a clemmensen reduction


Samar Aftab

What is the difference between H2, Pd and H2, Pd/C/

Does H2, Pd only reduce ketones to alkanes?

Does H2, Pd/C reduce alkenes to alkanes?



No difference – they’re the same thing.


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