Introduction To Spectroscopy Seminar

by James

Do you struggle with spectroscopy problems? Have a hard time looking at all those different spectra and knowing what to do?

Here is a 1-hour video presentation that serves as an introduction to spectroscopy. It also includes my BEST TIPS for solving spectroscopy problems. It literally took dozens of hours of working with students 1-on-1 to develop the time- and sanity-saving techniques described here. 

You’ll learn about:

  • The key points you need to know for IR, MS, and NMR
  • step-by-step strategy you can use to solve any spectroscopy problem
  • The simple framework that greatly simplifies solving structures with NMR

It’s split into two parts. Part 1 covers the basics of different spectroscopic techniques, and Part 2 shows how to solve specific problems. I’ve included a quick guide underneath the video if there’s a specific part you want to skip to. 

I charge >$100 /hr for private tutoring,  and these techniques are not published anywhere else on my site.

To be honest, this isn’t always the most smooth or polished presentation.  But I will say this – it does present all the best methods and techniques I have developed in order to teach – in one hour – the absolute best “need to know” facets of solving spectroscopy problems. 

“I found the problem solving section to be priceless! It’s great that you walked through what to look for, but more importantly, what to ignore. Specifically when dealing with IR and complicated multiplets. Definitely let us know if you post another problem solving video like this, because they really are priceless help. Thanks again!”  – Alex C. 

Like all my resources at MOC, I stand behind this video with a money-back guarantee. If you do not find this video useful to you in understanding spectroscopy and solving spectroscopy problems, tell me within 7 days and I will refund your purchase. 

What next? When you click  “Buy Now” will take you to a payment page. After payment you will register for a username/password, and then you will have unlimited access to the video. 

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 [private_NMR Video]

[/private_NMR Video]

0:00 Part 1 – Introduction To Spectroscopy
2:51 Start With Quick Wins
 Index of Unsaturation
 Infrared Spectroscopy (IR)
 Mass Spectrometry (MS) In Brief
13C NMR Spectroscopy In Brief
1H NMR Spectroscopy – Signals
 1H NMR Spectroscopy – 3 Key Pieces Of Information To Look For (Chemical Shift, Integration, Splitting)
38:00 Part 2 – Problem Solving Strategy
Problem 1: C3H8O given 1H NMR and IR
47:00 Problem 2: C3H8O2 given 1H NMR and IR
55:34 Problem 3: C10H12O given 1H NMR and IR
66:45 Conclusions