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by James

This website has repeatedly saved my sanity in (and quickly restored my love for) organic chemistry! Thank you so very much…my grasp of the topic (and my lab report grade) have been saved!

Jake L.
Just wanted to let you know I got an A+ in organic chemistry – I surely wouldn’t have done so well without your excellent, yet simple explanations!
Eric L.

This made more sense to me than my 50k/year classes. Thank you so much for helping me out! Cats are the greatest!:)  N.M.

N. M.

“I can honestly say that your website has been an absolute god send! The only thing I’m annoyed about is how I didn’t find it earlier!”

Laura B.

“This site is f*****g fantastic. Pardon the language, but I too wish I had this site when I took O-chem. I took a look around and you really broke it down! We must get this to the masses!”


“This site is GOLD. I am so thankful you made this site! I just found out about this site and I haven’t been doing well on my exams. This site looks so promising, thank you so much for all these resources and tricks!!”

Kate O.
I found your site Master Organic Chemistry to be instrumental in helping me earn an A this semester. Thank you!
Kris M

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