Alkyne Webinar Sun Dec 15 at 9pm EST

by James


This Sunday at 9pm EST I’ll be doing a webinar on Alkynes. It will mostly cover their reactions, but it will also go into quite a bit of detail on synthesis using these important compounds. 

We’ll cover:

  • The key reactions of alkynes (in order of importance)
  • How to apply what you already know about alkenes toward reactions of alkynes
  • Alkynes as a “blank canvas” – their importance in synthesis

The webinar will go for about 45min-1h and there will be time for questions. I would like to keep attendance to a small group so space will be limited. If you are interested, pay the token attendance fee below and you’ll receive further instructions on how to attend. 

See you then! 

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Jody Savant

Do you have an alkyne mini course like you do for alkenes?





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