Alkene Webinar

by James

 Presentation: Reactions of Alkenes

This 68 minute presentation covers the key reactions of alkenes, including their mechanisms, regioselectivity, stereoselectivity, and other key patterns. It divides >20 reactions of alkenes into 3 broad major families and 2 minor families.   A detailed guide is below the video. 

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Alkene Webinar
0:00 Introduction and key concepts
13:27 Part 1: The “First Bucket” – the “Carbocation” Pathway
28:43 Part 2: The “Second Bucket” – the “Three-Membered Ring” Pathway
43:03 Part 3: The “Third Bucket” – the “Concerted” Pathway
58:43 Part 4: Two more minor pathways: radical addition and oxidative cleavage
1:07:24  Conclusion



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Hi James,

I just want to let you know, I am 2/3 through this video, and it is really helpful. I got bogged down trying to get through the Klein chapter on addition reactions (I just felt that it was information overload, went into too much detail, which slowed it down, so I lost steam, and just resorted to memorising all the products, regio- and stereochemistry), though I do love Klein’s books. But your 3 bucket system has made me understand everything clearly, and I have a unique visual metaphor now with the buckets (oh, also the planar playing card faces, thank you!), and I’m really enjoying this mini course. Thanks for making this. On to bucket #3 …


Paul Delle

I’ve been deep into Klein and McMurray for days now, trying to put all the pieces together ,,exam is on Monday and this was the most clear, logical, and helpful explanation of these reactions that I’ve had so far. I’m very grateful that my study partner introduced me to your website and I only wish I had used earlier.


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