Alkene Mini-Course

by James

Welcome to the Alkene mini-course! 
This is the home page. You might want to bookmark it for future reference.  Here you’ll find links to all the key resources for this mini-course. Note – if you ever need to log in, you can always do so by following the link at the top right of this page. If you experience any problems, either leave a comment, or write the admin at james at . 
There are two other key pages in the Alkene Mini Course: 

Here are some additional resources:

Reaction Guide Pages (Alkenes)

Addition of HCl Addition of HBr Addition of HI
Addition of H3O(+) Chlorination [Cl2] Bromination [Br2]
Iodination [I2] Chlorohydrin formation [Cl2/H2O] Bromohydrin formation [Br2/H2O]
Iodohydrin formation [I2/H2O] Oxymercuration [Hg(OAc)2/H2O] Oxymercuration [Hg(OAc)2/ROH]
Hydroboration Epoxidation [RCO3H] Dihydroxylation [OsO4]
Dihydroxylation [KMnO4] Cyclopropanation Dichlorocyclopropanation
Ozonolysis (Reductive workup) Ozonolysis (Oxidative workup) Oxidative Cleavage [KMnO4]
 Hydrogenation Rearrangements (H shift) Rearrangements (Alkyl shift)

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