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Synthesis (7): Reaction Map of Benzene and Related Aromatic Compounds

Reactions of Aromatic Compounds: A Reaction Map

Let’s map out all of the reactions we’ve learned in this section on aromatic rings + substituents. The list comes to about 25, including the six key electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions, the Wolff-Kishner and Clemmensen, reduction of nitro groups, the Baeyer-Villiger oxidation, sidechain oxidation, desulfonylation, and amine protection.

Also included is a few reactions we actually haven’t covered yet – such as diazonium salt formation and Sandmeyer reactions. These are often covered in the chapter on amines, but they’re going in here regardless.

File: (PNG)

Alternatively: (PDF)

The map also makes reference to a previous sheet on alkyl halides:

Synthesis (3): Reactions of Alkyl Halides

The previous post in this series of Reaction Maps, on alcohols:

Synthesis (6): Reactions of Alcohols

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