Crash Course On Resonance

by James

in Organic Chemistry 1, Understanding Electron Flow, Where Electrons Are

Note – the Crash Course on Resonance is now part of Master Organic Chemistry EliteLearn more here

One extremely common type of email I get from students goes like this:

“I feel way behind on [X] and my exam is coming up in a few days. Do you have any advice?”

Privately, I think: “Sure – do a series of good practice problems on [X], and you’ll be very well prepared.”

But that doesn’t really cut it as good advice.  It’s a fifteen second answer that really doesn’t help them all that much, because it just begs the next question. “OK, which problems”. Which begets another question  “OK, I got question #1, but I’m stuck on #2. Now what do I do?”

Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to be able to answer these types of questions in detail for everyone who asks by email. I do, of course, answer them for students I work with, but there’s only one of me – and thousands of students who could benefit from that type of help.

So one of my goals for this year has been to apply the lessons I use in my tutoring to make mini-courses on very specific subjects.  A few weeks ago, I announced the first in this series – the Crash Course on Alkenes. The response has been excellent.

In the same vein, today I’m launching the Crash Course on Resonance. The goal of this Crash Course is to bring students up to speed in this important topic in the minimum amount of time. Not only does it include a 46 minute video overview on the main concepts and key skills in resonance, but it also contains a custom problem set on 8 of the most common types of problems students are generally expected to be able to solve, with 30 individual short videos that show the thought process behind solving each problem in detail.

So if you’re behind, and looking where to turn for expert advice on how to prepare for your upcoming exam, this is the resource you want to use.

If this proves useful, as time goes on I hope to make more of these Crash Courses available on important subjects. I’d be happy to take any suggestions for the next one!

Learn more about the Crash Course on Resonance here.

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