Pardon The Interruption

by James

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Sorry about that – the website has been down, on and off, for the past two days, but things finally seem to be operational again. Sometime in the middle of last week, the video section stopped working. Then, people were telling me they couldn’t download summary sheets. Finally, on Saturday, I thought I would make things better by updating the latest version of one of my WordPress plugins.  This led the software to go fishing for a function that had been previously disabled, leading to a total server lockdown. Long story short – the events of the past weekend have finally convinced me that it is time for me to relinquish the title of World’s Worst Sysadmin, so I have moved from using MediaTemple (despite their excellent tech support) to WPEngine, who takes care of these things behind the scenes. Second server migration in 3 months. Hopefully things will be more stable from here on in. Thanks for your patience.

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