A Friday SN1 Haiku

by James

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Loyal reader Dave sent this in via the comments, and I thought it deserved a wider distribution:


Some of my students challenged me to do the upcoming class in haiku. Since a fractional distillation lab is pretty dull to supervise after everyone is up and running, I put the introduction to SN1 in haiku format. (Each done on a powerpoint slide with a pretty background…)

SN1 Haiku

Leaving group breaks off
Forming carbocation
SN1, first step

very reactive
intermediate species
they need electrons

tertiary good
hyperconjugation helps
resonance does too

add more Nu? No help.
the rate is independent
that’s kinetic proof

climbing two mountains
reaction coordinate
C+ is high pass

how do you decide?
SN1 or SN2?
there are many factors


Thanks Dave. Have a good Friday everyone


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