Summary Sheet: Functional Groups

by James

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I thought it would be good to make a summary sheet based on functional groups, so here one is:

Functional Group Summary Sheet (PDF)

You can find other sheets in the Summary Sheets section of this site. In addition, I made some extra summary sheets for Org 1 available on my Shopify Store (15 for $15), including ones on substitution/elimination, resonance, acid-base chemistry, conformations, resonance, and many more.

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Compound Interest

This is a great resource on functional groups – I especially like that it contains information on characteristics and reactions of each, as well as just examples. Should be useful as a summary for my A level classes.

Have you tried making a giant reaction map for organic compounds at any point? I’m aware such a thing would inevitably look insanely complicated, but it’s still something I’d quite like to see!



Mr.who can’t be a professor your site gives half the information plus you have to buy notes and sheets,go to and you will get truck load of information for free.Education is not an enterprize and knowledge can not be bought.


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