How To Do Bond Rotations

by James

in Conformations, Stereochemistry

Bond rotation can be a tricky skill for first timers, and it’s a subject that doesn’t really lend itself to a text-laden blog post. You just have to “see it in action”. This video walks through it using the “steering wheel” analogy.

Hope it’s useful to students out there who are having difficulty with this skill.

You can find more videos on my Youtube channel . Video is a medium I’m still struggling with –  would love to hear any advice on how to make these better and more useful.



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My best piece of advice is, don’t be afraid to tweak your approach and figure out what works for you. It will massively speed up your process. Before this summer, I used a very formal process of 1. Write out script/prepare visuals 2. Record audio 3. Record video while listening to audio. Since picking up a Livescribe pen and using that to record vids, I’ve moved to a more ad-libbed approach. However, I still keep a list of written points in front of me while recording.

If you have editing capabilities, consider using callouts or zoom to draw attention to stuff. It works much better than just circling with the mouse, IMO.


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