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Reaction Friday – Reduction of Alkynes to Alkenes with Na/NH3

My apologies for the interruption. I seem to have wrested control of my blog back from the cats for now, but I’m not sure how long this will last. Clever little bugger. One thing I can say though – the cat picked a lot of questions to answer that I’d been ignoring because they seemed “dumb”. A lot of students are reluctant to ask those types of questions in public, in front of their class, or to their intimidating professor. So if he hacks in again, I hope he keeps answering those types of questions. Although he could sure use some spelling and grammar tips.

Let’s get back to talking about reactions again. Reaction Friday  – this instalment – involves the reduction of alkynes to give trans-alkenes using sodium in ammonia (Na/NH3). Not to be confused with NaNH2/NH3!

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