Reaction Friday: Oxymercuration of Alkenes using Hg(OAc)2 and NaBH4

by James

in Alkenes, Organic Chemistry 1, Organic Reactions

Reaction Friday is back!!! Today’s video is on a commonly encountered reaction for making alcohols, the oxymercuration of alkenes using Hg(OAc)2 and water, followed by reduction with NaBH4.

Thanks to all of those who’ve made helpful comments on making videos.

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Anurag Kunwar

Hi James,

I was trying to go through the oxymercuration of alkenes reaction on your website. But for some reason the movie was not loading. Can you please offer some help in this regard?

Thank you!



I just checked and it is working OK for me. Not sure what the problem is.



Thank you. Finally someone who breaks down each mechanism AND explain what’s really going on with the BH4!



It always bugged me when textbooks skipped over it!


Naveen Reddy

What is the role of OH-, in demercuration with NaBH4, then?


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