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By James Ashenhurst

Summary Sheet #8: The Oxidation Ladder

Last updated: March 9th, 2016

Following up on this post, here’s an attempt at trying to put many of the reactions in organic chemistry in perspective, from the standpoint of oxidation state. Note that there’s a lot of gaps – very little on amines, for instance, and no treatment of epoxides or diols – but I hope that people will find this useful. It was very rewarding to put together. Note that a similarly useful chart organizing molecules by oxidation state can be found here and especially check out Adam’s beautiful chart of organic chemistry oxidation states.

Summary Sheet – the Oxidation Ladder

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7 thoughts on “Summary Sheet #8: The Oxidation Ladder

  1. When I try to download Summary Sheet #8, I get an error message. Is it possible that you could look into this? I have found your website full of useful information.

    1. Hm. I don’t get that but I re-did the link. Try it now – if you need to save the file, click on the link and then go to “save as” on your browser.

  2. Very well put together. In studying for my diagnostic exams entering graduate school, this sheet is a great refresher.

  3. Hello James,

    This is a really nice overview you made. I was wondering if you have something similair for nitrogen compounds? Like how do nitriles, amides, nitro compounds, amines relate to each other and how can they be converted in each other?

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