What’s the worst thing about O-Chem?

by James

in Teaching

“In the deepest layer of hell, Satan makes you do orgo.”

I love the snapping whip and the little cyclohexane chair conformation in the bubble.

For me, the worst part is IUPAC nomenclature. What about you?

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Work-up! Starting a new reaction is lovely, as is seeing the desired product peak grow in LCMS (or whatever you monitor with). But work-up – that sucks.



On a practical level, yeah, it can be painful to see all the work involved in workup, purification, and NMR’s give you a result of “this didn’t work” or, “unsure”.



IUPAC Nomenclature is my favorite part of o-chem! It took me forever to understand “resonance” for some reason. :/


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