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This past semester after every tutorial session I would send an email to my student with a list of topics that we discussed, and then a list of questions intended to stimulate thinking about the key concepts we talked about. I still do this: I think it’s helpful for both me and the student to have a permanent record of what we talked about and it’s also useful for subsequent review.

After this semester was over I went through the logs of the questions and answers I sent and transferred them to a big file, and then arranged them by subject. I just put the results on a free quiz website, so now they’re available for anyone to use. They’ve been divided into sections on structure and bonding, stereochemistry, conformations, reactions of alkenes, reactions of alkynes, alcohols/ethers, thermodynamics, and free radical chemistry.

They might still be a little rough in spots and aren’t as battle-tested as I’d like. If anyone out there wants a review of Org 1 concepts and would like to set up a Skype session with me to go over them, I’d be happy to offer it free of charge.

You can find a link to all my other quizzes here.

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