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Fare Thee Well, Oh Cats of Jerusalem

Our contracts have ended and the wife and I have moved from Jerusalem to small town Ontario, somewhere between Lebanon and Carthage. A little over a week ago, we were walking through the Mediterranean, and now we are knee-deep in snow. At least we have Tim Hortons nearby. Fare thee well, oh dumpster cats of Jerusalem.

May you find shelter from the summer heat and the winter rains. May your dumpsters be overflowing with tasty chicken scraps. May kindly old ladies continue to leave out generous piles of food for you. And may your offspring be as numerous as the stars in heaven… although this already seems to be the case.


Thanks to everyone who supported the site and spent even a second of their time on this site in the past year. In particular I’d like to thank all the students who were brave enough to give online tutoring a chance. It continues to be a thrill to just open my computer and video chat about organic chemistry with people all over the world. Location matters less than it ever did before. “Office hours” can be held from anywhere.  I’d encourage anyone who has specific knowledge of a niche subject to put up a shingle for themselves and offer online consulting of some kind. Chances are that there’s all kinds of knowledge in your head that has potential value to someone.

I’ll be back Monday on a regular posting schedule.

Happy New Year Everyone!



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