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It’s been awhile since I said this, so it’s time for another reminder: I tutor organic chemistry online, and I have openings for a few students. After some initial hiccups with Skype, it’s been working really well – it’s just necessary to turn off all other applications that use bandwidth. So no matter where in the world you might be, if you (or someone you know) is struggling in organic chemistry and could use a session to straighten some things out,  drop me a line at james [at] writechem.com and we can meet up online. The details are on my tutoring page.

It’s become a small, small world. The other night I was talking to a student from New York and he had to close his window to muffle the bellowing horns of the NYFD racing past his apartment. And soon thereafter I had to close the French doors of our living room because the cats outside our building were engaged in an all-out brawl (Jerusalem is a haven for feral cats, and they are LOUD). If your timing is good you might even get to hear the Call to Prayer.

I’ll also use this opportunity to point out some of the links on the sidebar:

  • Not Voodoo” is the place to go for any questions about lab technique. It’s a fantastic resource.
  • Chemical Forums is a great resource for asking organic chemistry questions. You can also try Cramster or Yahoo answers, but it’s less personal. MCAT/DAT problems are dealt with very energetically on SDN.
  • I put together some quizzes on Memorize.com to do with functional group naming and reagents. When I was  in my language class, spaced memorization software like Memorize.com was the key for absorbing lots of vocabulary. I also used it to learn the names of stars, minerals, and other nerdy stuff like that.
  • My delicious bookmarks for “orgo” are here.
  • My delicious bookmarks for “organic chemistry problems” are here.
  • Finally, what list of links would be complete without videos of explosions?

Any other suggestions for useful links would also be greatly appreciated.

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