Changing Gears

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I think I can safely put carbonyl chemistry to rest for the time being. After spending about two months on the subject, I’m quite ready to move on. There will be a future summary sheet on the mechanisms and that will do it.

I want to get back to some of the “big picture” questions about organic chemistry and I’m interested in trying to come up with answers to the following questions.

  • What makes organic chemistry such a “dreaded” course?
  • Breaking this up into two parts, what are the concepts that are difficult, and what are the psychological factors that make it difficult?
  • What are the key concepts from general chemistry that  are essential to master in order to do well in organic chemistry courses?
  • What are the key concepts of organic chemistry? If you had to name 5 or 10, what would they be?
  • Where are the best resources on the web for undergraduates taking organic chemistry?
  • What are the things you just have to memorize in organic chemistry, as opposed to the concepts that you have to learn?
  • What are the best study techniques for organic chemistry?


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a student

-that reactions seem to me, stand aloof from each other.
-that there are often competing factors, and it could be unclear as to which one wins out when.


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