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A few months ago I thought it would be a good idea to name my blog Orgo Hacks. Turns out I was wrong. It doesn’t feel right to me – like I’m wearing someone else’s dinner jacket. There’s Venture Hacks, Parenting Hacks, Study Hacks, Lifehacker… I mean, maybe someone should start a blog called “Hacking Hacks” to keep track of them all.  To be honest, I’m not really a hack-y type of guy: I’m more interested in strategy – finding the deep principles in things and exploiting them. To me, a hack is more of a tactical thing, a shortcut, or a kludge. Anyhow, I think the “new’ title (which is just the title of the URL, after all) is more appropriate. The goal of this site is to promote mastery of the core principles and concepts in undergraduate organic chemistry so that you can handle whatever people throw at you on your exam:  because there are a finite number of core principles and an infinite number of permutations. 


Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle as applied to teaching: you can have infinite precision or infinite momentum, but you cannot have both at the same time. For the moment, I’m dialing back the posting schedule to two posts a week: I’d rather have a smaller amount of quality content than a larger amount of filler just for the sake of fulfilling a commitment to a posting schedule.

Back on Monday. Hope your exams went/go well.

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