Organic Chemistry Tutoring

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Just a reminder: I tutor organic chemistry online. For the past few weeks or so I’ve been doing this and I’ve been happy with how well it’s going. I have room for a few more slots. I’m in Israel, so best times are evenings (7-9 pm PST, 9-11 pm EST) but I have some flexibility.

Compared to what I’ve been writing about, the things I’ve been tutoring students on are  mostly fundamental stuff like naming alkanes, addition reactions to alkenes, molecular structure and bonding, and so on. Whether you’re just starting out or are prepping for an Org II exam or ACS final exam, calling someone up to talk about chemistry for an hour is a great way to solidify your knowledge and prepare yourself for whatever you’re facing. The first hour is free, so there’s no risk. Send me an email at james at or Skype me at writechem to book a slot.

Back to more chemistry on Wednesday – breaking down mechanisms of the non-anionic nucleophiles, which are trickier because Lewis acids can get involved.

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